Tips for selling used phone on facebook marketplace

Are you looking to get the best deal for your used phone? If so, Facebook marketplace, which offers several benefits over other online selling platforms, may be the solution you’re seeking. Most important among which is that there are no fees, so the money’s all yours.

As long as your phone is in working condition, you’ll get lots of eyeballs on your classified ad, increasing the chances of finding a buyer willing to pay your asking price.

Apply these tips to sell your used phone on Facebook Marketplace:


1.    Take clear pictures


Take clear pictures of the phone from multiple different angles so that buyer can see the cosmetic condition of the phone. Buyers are always scared about the condition of the phone taking clear pictures which shows all the dents and scratches mentioned will make you look legit.


2.    Include all details

Including as many details about the phone’s condition as possible will reduce the number of questions you’ll have to field from potential buyers in private chat.

Include the phone’s model, storage and battery health in the listing. Also, provide accurate details about your phone’s current physical condition, including whether it has any flaws or blemishes.

Be honest. You’ll only end up wasting your own as well as the buyer’s time if the phone’s description doesn’t match its condition at pickup time. 


3.    Set a reasonable price – but give yourself room for negotiation

One of the most difficult decisions sellers face when listing their items on Facebook Marketplace is setting the price of their article. Set the price too high, and it’s likely most buyers will ignore the ad. Set it too low, and you won’t be able to make any profit on the transaction.

An excellent rule of thumb is to list items at 20% or less than the price you’re willing to sell. It’s common for potential buyers to haggle a bit to get the best deal possible. By already setting your listing price higher than the price you’re willing to sell, you’d have enough room for negotiation.

A phone listed for $400 on a marketplace normally sells for $330-$320. It may vary depending upon the condition and demand of the phone.

Buyers are generally willing to pay higher for phones with higher storage. There are not that many phones listed on marketplace with higher storage so you can get a great deal.

Such phones save them from upgrading the memory card or paying a monthly fee for cloud storage.


4.    Include search tags

Facebook Marketplace gives sellers the option to label their listings with search tags to ensure potential buyers can easily find the item they’re searching for.

So, for instance, if you’re selling a used Samsung A52, make sure to include tags like “Samsung”, “Samsung A52”, “Used Samsung Phones”, “Android Phones” and so on. Facebook Marketplace allows you to include up to 20 tags, and we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t use them all.

Also list your phone into buying and selling groups to reach more buyers.


5.    Respond to inquiries quickly

Transactions on Facebook Marketplace take very quickly. So you don’t want to sign out of your account when you have an item listed. Responding to queries as quickly as possible will increase your chances of closing the deal soon.

If you don’t respond to inquiries from potential buyers within 24 hours, it’s likely they have purchased a similar phone from another seller. 


6.    Be patient and realistic

While some items are in high demand and will sell like hot cakes on Facebook Marketplace, others will require you to wait for the perfect buyer. Be patient, and don’t lower the listing price only a day or two if the offers you have already received don’t match your expectations.

At the same time, be realistic. Consider lowering the price of your listing if it hasn’t generated as much interest as you hoped in the first one or two weeks. You can also renew your listing – this will help it target a new segment of potential buyers. 


7.    Pay to boost your listing

Not getting enough eyeballs on your listing? Perhaps it’s time to give it a boost.

Facebook Marketplace allows users to boost their listings. You’re required to set your ad budget and how long you want the ad to run. The Marketplace will then calculate how much money you’d have to spend to help your listing reach more buyers.


8.    Check the buyer’s profile

Found a seller willing to pay your asking price? The next thing you should do is check their profile. Make sure they aren’t new to Facebook.

Encountered no red flags on their profile? Invite them to a safe place like a mall, outside a police station. If possible, arrange the meeting in broad daylight and have a friend alongside you at the meeting place.


9.    Prefer dealing in cash

Prefer dealing in cash over Interac e-Transfer or any other online payment. We have read dozens of horror stories of buyers leaving the meeting place with the goods and canceling the e-transfer, leaving the seller with nothing.



Selling your used phone on Facebook Marketplace isn’t that difficult. All you have to do is be honest about your device’s condition, set a reasonable price, and apply all the tips given above to ensure your listing is targeting the right set of potential buyers.


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